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Onsite class - asset managment
We want to to assist you in your efforts however, wherever, & whenever you want us.
Inhouse courses & workshops can be
tailored to meet your needs with:
(1) standard or modified content;
(2) near- term dates;
(3) flexible schedules, such as multiple afternoons or nonconsecutive days; and
(4) the convenience of meeting in
your offices, or we can arrange for
economical nearby hotel meeting space.
About inhouse/onsite sessions
• Have special or propietary issues?
• Want more "How To" advice with a project?
• You can combine or enhance the courses inhouse
at no extra charge
For non-Houston locations, discounts
apply after a minimum of 4 attendees
plus our minimal travel. If we are
already in your area with public
courses,you save our travel expenses.
For Houston locations, discounts apply
after a minimum of 2 attendees.
Beside the issues of general convenience &
cost saving, you may wish to get training
and advice as a second opinion or before
commiting to a major change. You may even
wish to get instruction from a more specialized
course before even getting to the decision
making stage or to bring you and your support
staff up to speed for your group to make
sound decisions.

To examine the economic sense & viability of
energy strategies & changes, consider an
inhouse workshop with a confidentiality

For example, for gas procurement, supply
management, or outsourcing by endusers and
non-operating producers, check out our
natural gas asset management and
interstate and intrastate pipeline workshops.

Or, a modified project evaluation combo course may be beneficial for pipeline and other real
asset owners.
Customize your own course
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Why are they picking that pricing point?
There's no liquidity & no physical delivery
capability or infrastructure - no pipelines,
transmission lines, or railroads - there.
Do we need to amend the contract?
or can we, & should we, benefit as well
as our counterparty? How do we put numbers to that?
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